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Welcome to Mother Earth Literacies

As a rust-belt city, Buffalo is particularly impacted by environmental injustice and the work to educate citizens has just begun! MEL fills educational, STEM, and community needs across the WNY region, along with providing internal collaborative support for nonprofit organizations struggling with funding, sustainability, space needs, capacity building, and executive leadership.

Our Mission

Guided by environmental justice, we help local organizations connect to neighborhoods in sustainability and environmentally friendly ways.

What We Do

We are dedicated to working with schools, districts, educational programs, and community cooperatives to bring environmental justice education using interdisciplinary methods to enhance teaching, learning and community building using a successful model of auditing, redesign, professional development, implementation, and evaluation.

Ongoing Community Partnerships

Note About the Use of ‘Partners’

Using our community-building business approach, we collaborate with partners to understand their needs around equity, growth, and sustainability. We chose the term “partner” over the traditional “client” or “customer” since both can have negative connotations rooted in capitalism. Our justice-oriented business practices help us understand and support our partners and their unique needs using active listening, providing individual attention, responding to partners in a timely manner, and offering deliverables using top notch, asset-based professionalism which honors the critical community impact our partners are offering.

Previous and Potential Partners

Our Principles of EJE

  • Commitment to Action
  • Commitment to Social Justice
  • Center Marginalized Communities
  • Understanding Local Injustices
  • Community Collaborations
  • Community-Level Solutions
  • Access to Opportunities
  • Serving Communities of Color

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It was truly an enlightening and powerful training session for our MBK Teachers with Mother Earth Literacies. The sessions which focused on Decolonizing the Niagara River Basin: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Place-Based Curriculum Building, elevated the narrations of the Tuscarora People, as well as gave our teachers a ‘how-to’curriculum guide that centered the contributions, histories, and triumphs of Indigenous Peoples in our local community. The curriculum and teacher developed lessons will serve as a great precursor to our MBK Male Academy field excursions to the Niagara Power Authority. Thank you, Mother Earth Literacies, for developing and providing courageous curriculum and spaces that are culturally inclusive of historically marginalized communities of color

Dr. Fatima Morrell

Chief of CLRI for Buffalo Public Schools

They are the kind of teachers that kids flock to and experience with wonder. Amazing that now they are transmitting that wisdom to others!

Ann Beckley-Forest

Licensed Clinical Social Worker & Registered Play Therapist

Mother Earth Literacies is the best! I am so grateful for all they did for the Tapestry student community!

Kara Oliver-Pérez

Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Tapestry Charter School

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